Players for the UK Sites: The Choices

Players for the UK Sites: The Choices

You are a player yourself or you meet someone who plays games of chance and money, here are the criteria which can help you to identify the existence of a problem with the game:

Being concerned about the game

The problem player thinks aPlayers for the UK Sitesbout the game most of the time. Gaming has become an ongoing concern. He remembers his past gaming experiences and reflects on his next attempts. He is also looking for ways to raise money to play. For the sites not registered with gamstop the general options are present for the general players.

This problem can be more or less severe and different terms are used depending on the level of severity. There are 3 player profiles:

The recreational player:

  • Conceives play as entertainment or leisure
  • Set according to your budget
  • Agree to lose the money wagered
  • Don’t go back to the game to get the money back
  • The game is not a problem for him

The player at risk:

  • Can sometimes play excessively
  • Is affected by gambling in certain areas of their life
  • May sometimes feel unwell because of play
  • Is at risk of becoming addicted to gambling
  • Gaming can cause some problems.

The pathological player:

  • Play beyond their financial means
  • Do not accept losing the money wagered
  • Replay to recover losses

It knows many negative consequences related to gambling at the family, professional, financial, social and / or psychological level. The game causes major problems.The term problematic gambling thus includes both at-risk gamblers and pathological gamblers.

Abandon other activities

The game gradually takes a central place in the life of the problematic player who can give up any other activity. All areas of the player’s life can be turned upside down by this practice.

Always need to bet more

The problematic player needs to play with more and more sums of money to regain the state of excitement and pleasure of the beginnings.

Having difficulty reducing or controlling gambling

When the player begins to realize the negative consequences of the game in his life, he may consider changing this practice. He will then make repeated efforts to reduce or stop the game but it will be difficult for him to resist the urge to play . During these attempts to reduce or stop the game, he may feel nervous, agitated or easily irritable, which may lead him to resume play. Gambling then becomes a need.

Play to “remake”

Often the player says that he will return to play to “redo”. This means that he returns to play another day to recover the money lost in the game. It is by returning to play to redo that the player accumulates losses and creates debts, which he might want to reimburse by continuing to play.

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